Agent Assignment

In the Assignment tab, you can specify how conversations are assigned within your team. You can manually assign conversations or opt for Auto-Assignment, which employs the Round-robin method for distributing conversations.


By default, conversation assignments in the Helpdesk tool are manual. However, if you want to enable Auto-Assignment, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Assignments tab in the Helpdesk Settings.

  2. Enable the Auto-Assignment toggle and provide the following details:

    1. Set the maximum number of conversations assigned to a Helpdesk agent in the Auto-assignment limit per Helpdesk agent field.

    2. Specify the maximum time for inactivity to change the status of a support agent to offline.

Auto-Assignment eligibility

To be eligible for Auto-Assignment, team members must meet the following criteria:

  • They are online.
  • They have not reached the maximum number of assigned conversations defined in the Auto-assignment limit per Helpdesk agent field.

Auto-Assignment behavior

When Auto-Assignment is enabled, it follows the following rules:

  1. All older assigned conversations remain assigned to their agents, but they are bound by Auto-assignment limit per Helpdesk agent and Inactivity time set while enabling the auto-assignment.
  2. All unassigned conversations are circularly distributed by round robin as expected.
  3. In case of reassignment:
    1. Only new conversations are reassigned due to which the agent has been marked offline.
    2. All the manually assigned tickets are bound to be redistributed by round robin in case the agent assigned is marked offline due to inactivity.
  4. A user can be active in the following ways:
    1. Replying to a conversation.
    2. Changing the status of the conversation.
  5. When a Helpdesk agent is marked offline due to inactivity, all conversations assigned during the set Inactivity time limit are reassigned to another online Helpdesk Agent.
  6. If a Helpdesk agent manually marks himself offline, the conversations in his bucket are not reassigned to any other agent.

By enabling Auto-Assignment and configuring the appropriate settings, you can ensure that conversations are assigned to team members efficiently and effectively.