The General tab in the Helpdesk settings has the following configurations:

  • Away Message
  • Manage Statuses
  • Notification Sound

Away Message

When the support agents are not available to assist with a support query, you can set a pre-defined message to be sent on the support conversation. To use this functionality enable the Away message toggle and define the following parameters:

  1. Start Time: Specify the starting time for the unavailability of the support agents.
  2. End Time: Specify the time after which the support agents are available.
  3. Message Body: Enter the message that you want to send on a conversation when support agents are unavailable.


Away Messages is only available for the WhatsApp Channel.

Manage Statuses

This section contains the statuses you assign to a conversation to keep it organized and moving toward resolution. You can define different stages of a conversation, from the initial Open state to a final Resolved status.

The Open and Resolved status are present by default. To add more statuses, click the Add New Status button and enter the status name.

Notification Sound

When enabled, the respective agent receives an audible alert for incoming messages on a conversation, ensuring that it does not go unnoticed. This sound is audible as per the following scenarios:

  1. Sound is triggered only when the user is on the conversations tab.
  2. Sound is disabled on any pivot other than conversations.
  3. The agent receives sound only for visible chats, such as their assigned chats.
  4. If the agent is on all chats, they will receive the notification sound.
  5. The agent does not receive sound if the browser tab is in the background.
  6. The agent also receives sound when a new message arrives for an open chat.
  7. The agent also receives sound if they have scrolled down along with the new message popup in the conversations.
  8. The agent does not receive sound if any keyword is associated with a reply from a customer.
  9. After enabling/disabling the sound toggle, each agent must refresh the conversations page for it to function as expected.